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Selected Works of Ronald L. Ecker


And Adam Knew Eve: A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible

The Canterbury Tales (modern-English translation)

The Evolutionary Tales


On the JFK Assassination

Greetings from Lee Harvey Oswald

The Umbrella Man

Hell in Miami

The Tokyo Flight

Our Man in Powder Springs

Jack Ruby's Dog

From Grimsby with Love

On Other Political Matters

The Tlatelolco Massacre in Mexico

United Flight 93 and the NetJet

Who Was Where on 9/11?

On Poetry

The Eolian Harp

The Idea of Work in Frost's Poetry

Archibald McLeish's J.B.

Religious Crisis in Hopkins' Terrible Sonnets

Dark Night of the Soul

On Evolution

Critical Analysis of Evolution

Blessing of the Animals

The Call of the Gray Tree Frog

Even Cowbirds Make the News

Intelligent Design, or Is Mother Nature Built?

On the Bible

At His Feet Until Morning

The Bible Code Hits a Bumpy Road

The Book of Daniel

The Book of Esther

Ezra and Nehemiah

Gender in the Bible

Jesus and That Three-Letter Word


Mary Magdalene

The Myths of Genesis

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Ecker's Little Acre

The Evolutionary Tales

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